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Gulliver's Gate Museum

A fully custom lighting and sound design package was created in the weeks leading up to the grand opening. 144 channels of individually triggered audio could be sent to any number of the 96 directly assignable speakers while integrating dynamic model noises such as cars, plane, and trains. Over 300 DMX controlled lights also worked on schedule to create a constant rotating sun. 
Gulliver's Gate was a miniature museum to the tune of 1:87 scale. This created an amazing experience where a full scale human in model, was just taller than a nickel. This 50,000 sq/ft NY Times Square world boasted 6 Continents and almost every region of the world. A replica Manhattan greeted you upon entrance before opening up to a world tour of miniature international attractions and world heritage sites. Creating a dynamic and computer triggered sound bed was paramount to bringing an immersive experience. Lighting also played a crucial role in changing the time of day and weather allowing visitors to imagine how sunset on Ankor Wat or Berlin looks without leaving the zip code. 
Skill Sets:
Experience Design, Commercial Museum Install, Sound Design + Install, Lighting Design + Install
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