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Project Manager +
Art Director + Photographer

Sooo I'm Tim. A nature enthusiast and mountain dweller in beautiful San Diego County. When I'm not capturing life's moments through my lens or restoring habitat on my property, you'll find me making music or playing with my two dogs. Inspired by a coastal upbringing and fueled by a passion for environmental stewardship, I find inspiration in the outdoors, whether camping under the stars or hiking hidden trails.

Professionally, I'm a seasoned problem-solver with over a decade of experience in creative producing and project management across various industries, from manufacturing to entertainment and CPG. With a knack for streamlining processes and navigating challenges in fast-paced environments, I bring a unique blend of creativity, adaptability, and analytical prowess to every endeavor.


Always learning, Ever expanding. 



tim [at] timothycobb .co / 858.630.1895

San Diego, CA

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